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How to Enjoy Casual Sex

casual sexTalking about sex is only fun when you are telling the story. Often times, you get jealous of your friends talking about their sexual escapades especially when they mention the benefits of their casual sex encounters.

It is worth noting that just as there are two sides to a coin, engaging in no strings attached relationships comes with the good sides and the bad times. It is therefore left for you to decide on which side of the party you would like to embrace. One of such benefits is getting the physical stimulation from sexual encounters as opposed to the mental stimulation from just hearing stories.

The sexual tips below will help your transition from being an ordinary listener to a partaker and storyteller. There are usually two different kinds of casual sex encounters – the slow and the quick. A combination of the two in the same encounter can be fun and exciting if done properly.

The slow kind of sexual encounter requires anticipation, which is also one of the greatest aphrodisiacs man has ever known. Online adult sites and chatting to other users of the site allows you to know persons interested in such relationships before actually meeting up and subsequently hooking up with them. Communication is critical to the success of any relationship, and the case is not different with casual sex relationships.

It is worth noting that while anticipation might not be needed especially as both parties already know they want to get it on, some anticipation actually adds fun and excitement to the act. A build up to the encounter over a period of time even if you will meet the person just once adds to the fun and excitement. This also helps to create a schedule of people you intend meeting if it is not just one person.

A slow build up to approaching casual sex is particularly great for eliminating the inhibitions that could come up if you were in the fast lane.

The second way of enjoying casual sex and making your friends drool is by jumping on the fast lane. This usually takes the form of one-night stands that are rather spontaneous, usually happening in forbidden places and with forbidden partners.

Such encounters usually happen during events like a formal dinner party where you bump into a person in the bathroom or master bedroom, and you spontaneously have a got at each other, concluding the act in a matter of minutes without any other person knowing about the encounter.

Another instance of using the fast lane approach will be hooking up with someone that you should not or would not hook up with, all things being equal. Persons that fall in this category include a co-worker, your boss, or your friend’s ex-boyfriend. The encounter is usually fast, quick and hot but in most cases, neither party can tell the story.

Both approaches give you a chance to enjoy your casual sex encounter as long as you do it right, and you can be sure of making your friends jealous when you tell your stories.

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