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What to do when you casual sex relationship goes out of hand

casual sexAs humans, our emotions sometimes get the better of us and it is not strange for persons in a casual sex relationship to start developing feelings for each other. It gets even more worrisome when one party feels this way but is not sure if the other person shares the same intimate feeling. If you feel like you are pushing him or you are the one that is always trying to check up on him by calling and texting, it might be right for you to step back and re-evaluate the relationship. 

As mentioned earlier, this is not a strange phenomenon in casual sex relationships and all you need to do is to find a way of getting out of the relationship before your heart is broken.

Many casual sex relationships local sex meetings or NSA relationships as they are also called are plagued with this problem and while we all want a win-win situation, emotions can easily get in and one party starts to have serious feelings for the other. The primary goal of being in a casual sex relationship is to get laid without having to worry about the emotional attachment that comes with being in a serious romantic relationship.

While men seem to easily handle such relationships without getting emotionally entangled, women are not wired this way. While men can easily have sex with multiple women without necessarily falling in love with any of them, women tend to easily develop feelings for the opposite sex after a couple of intimate sessions.

The above claim however does not suggest that men never make the same mistake, but with the majority of such instances falling to the feminine folks. This usually spells danger particularly if the order party is not in sync with your emotional attachment.

Getting past this situation can be a bit difficult particularly for women. The first step to tackling this dilemma is to realise that the likelihood of the situation changing is very low. Expecting the boundaries of the relationship to change because you have suddenly developed a deeper interest for your casual sex partner is very unrealistic. It is therefore suggested that you opt to end the relationship especially if you actually have a platonic friendship with the other party. This helps to nip the problem in the bud before it goes beyond your control, helping to salvage what is left of your friendship.

The big question is what to do. It definitely isn’t easy to call it quits but the best thing is for you to do nothing. Stop having sex and avoid spending time with him alone to avoid falling into temptation. You have to remember that space is needed to set the records straight. You therefore want to give him some space and subsequently regard him or her as your former casual sex partner.

At this point, you probably have to start seeing someone else to get the emotions off your mind. And if you must see him, make sure it is in a gathering of trusted mutual friends that can easily defend you if necessary.



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