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Finder Sites has numerous dating sites for different flavours of dating, ranging from casual sex sites, finding local sex partners , to granny dating and casual granny dating , over to BBW networks and Gay Sex dating sites.

All sites are based in the UK and USA , and can be used by both women and men to find sexaul partners in their areas.

Casual Sex Dating Websites Part 1

Speaking to users of casual sex websites over the past five years, we can give you an insight into what really happens from a man’s point of view and a womans point of view on these sites. Checkout our articles - How to Enjoy Casual Sex
Some of this is good and some bad, but after scanning some of the best casual sex websites around, several consistent occurrences were seen.


1.       SPAMMERS

Yes, no matter which site we went on we encountered spammers. Initially they were everywhere and they always responded to the mens requests with  funny lines which didn’t make sense.

“Im having trouble on here i cant message anyone, please email me at “

Yes Im sure Amanda from Sudbury chose her site username very carefully on that one.

Another sure thing is the photos from the scammers, checkout for foreign plugs in the pictures and also professionally edited pics of Joanne from Bolton. Im sure Joanne has a degree in photoshop to make her look like a top model.

Another guaranteed spammer technique were the winkers and favouriters, suddenly,  Judy from Outer Mongolia would like your profile and be your favourite , wow,  a quick check reveals she never has actually viewed my profile and is already my best mate. Well two messages on and shes asking for tickets out of Estonia to visit my homeland because it’s been her dream forever.



This is probably true over any dating site, but the women hold back. Yes they sit and wait for 200 messages to appear in their boxes and then moan that they are too busy replying to everyone of them. (greedy buggers) .

They don’t actually use the search facility on the site, they prefer to sift through the men who think they are hot and chose from them. So Men of Casual Sex World , ensure your messages stand out. A quick use of CAPITALS works a treat to get noticed. And they may, yes may message you back.



Be aware of the ten year old photo trick, many a pretty women from the 80’s has used this trick to try and hide the spare tractor tyre and the bearded growth in her second chin. So when sifting through the potentials ensure the photos look like they are from this century.




A suggestion for the blokes who frequent the casual dating sites around the world is to create a profile in the name of a woman, carefully nick a nice looking girls photo from the internet, create your ‘FREE ACCOUNT’ we will get on to that later and away you go, your jaw will drop, Guaranteed within 5 minutes. You will see what you are up against.

There is 22 year old Paul from Wigan with an 8 inch remote control at his beck and call with muscles coming out of his muscles.  Then heres 65 year old Tom with a todger the size of Wales putting most 20-40 year olds to shame, however pitty he has a picture of his zimmer in the background, kinda gave it away Tom.

How on earth do these women get through their 1000 messages in an hour, 5000 views , 1700 winks and 500 favourites chucked in for good measure You may now have started to understand why Casual Sex/Dating websites are so hard to use for us blokes.



Continuing from the 1000 messages in an hour, why on earth would a woman want to pay to use this site. In fact they should be paid to use it (theres a patented idea for later) Yes most women on casual sites don’t pay to be part of the action, its all gratis for them. There is no kick, its kinda sexist but fully understand why when you look at the numbers. And they are after local sex too, if they wernt given free access there would be no bugger on.


5.       A QUICK TIP

Not sure if giving out this tip is the best idea, but here goes anyway. If you want to get someones attention on a casual dating site you have to try this.

1.       Be funny

2.       Target people who have no picture

3.       Target new users and pretend you are new as well

4.       Dont say you have shagged the whole community


6.       Get them off the site ASAP.

6. Check out our casual sex blog

Well hope you all have read my part 1 guide to casual sex dating websites, more to cum soon

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